Panama Day Charters
& Boat Tours

You have not really been to Panama until you’ve been out on the water. Explore the area’s pristine beauty on boat tours in Panama where you have the advantage of wide open views. Stoke your sense of wonder when you get up close to the diverse wildlife and lush vegetation on the islands. Explore the islands at your leisure with Panama day charters manned by our licensed captain and first mate who are in the know when it comes to the best spots for fishing, wildlife watching and communing with nature. In the land of endless summer, you can schedule boat tours in Panama year-round.

Our crew will help plan an itinerary around your schedule, focusing on spots that showcase the best of the western Azuero Peninsula. Charter trips may include Isla Cebaco, Isla Coiba, Punta Naranja, Hannibal Banks and other points. If you are staying in Panama City and nearby areas, take a break from city-based entertainment to discover the Panama of old where life is laid back, and you can play out your castaway fantasies amid untouched wilderness, an isolated beach or a secret fishing spot.

Panama day charters are based at the El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge in Playa Reina. We have been in the business of providing boutique accommodations and specialized sport fishing charters since 1995. Our charter boats consist of a fleet of versatile vessels that are speedy, stable and reliable. More than anything, our Panama day charters focus on providing guests with an experience you won’t soon forget.

Sport Fishing Panama

We are located in the world-renowned trophy sport fishing grounds near Isla Cebaco, Isla Coiba, Hannibal banks, Aguja Reef and Punta Mariato. The bounty of fish in our waters is equaled by a few places left on this planet. See why sport fishing in Panama is so great!

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Surf Tours

Our location also lends to amazing waves. We have access to the some of the best surf in Panama. Beaches such as Morillo, Catalina and Cebaco Island to name a few. Depending on the style wave your looking for, we have it all. Beach breaks, rights, lefts ext. Check out more here.

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Our area provides access to many islands, large and small. These islands have clear waters and an unimaginable amount of species like, turtles, fish, dolphins, sharks, whales ext. On Coiba Island for example scientist are finding new species every day. Explore these beautiful waters with us today!

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Eco Tours

Here in Panama we see more rare and endangered species than most any other place on earth. Places near us like Coiba Island are filled with new species scientists are baffled by. Our location lends well to viewing amazing creatures like whales, sea turtles, sharks ext.

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